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Labo Entertainment Limited is a frontline corporate promotion and integrated marketing communications company registered in Nigeria 2008 to carry out all such businesses as product development and promotions, event and media communications, marketing and advertisement, Public Relations etc.

We offer other services like Logistics, Operations Research and Management, Purchase, Business Consultancy services, Events, Seminars, Conferences, Training and Outsourcing.

The company has achieved various land sliding grounds in events and promotions management. In the year 2008 till date the organization was formed with the sole aim of promoting young dynamic and talented artists in Nigeria, this was borne out of the need to help develop an emerging industry in the country while also helping to keep the youths out of violence and other social vices by creating a live saving career for them in the music industry. The business started expanding over the years breaking new grounds and eventually becoming a household name in Event, Publishing and Promotion Company not only within Nigeria but also in the United Kingdom and Ghana.

Redefining: We have the passion to redefine the face of entertainment and business development in Nigeria, redirect and unveil more profitability measures through dedication, integrity and professionalism.

Timeless: We remold old concepts to fit into the current system because we believe in innovation per excellence, while promoting the socio-cultural heritage of Nigeria.


Possibilities: We believe everything that can be imagine is possible, this is our watchword, discovering new ideas, expanding our views and thinking outside the box.


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Our Services

Operational Research and Management: Labo Entertainment Limited, we carry out operational research for various clients who have the intention of setting up businesses but have little or no knowledge on how to operate such. We provide clients with all necessary initiatives from the choice of site to man power required, business set up; we not only give guidelines but also become part of their project until it becomes a huge success. These services we render mostly to investors both foreign and local.  With our experienced and well trained staffs, we are always at our best in delivering world class services to our numerous clients.

Events Management: Event Management has grown in leap and bounds over the years and we are no doubt one of the leading players in the field, we take care of your event from the start to finish, be it Wedding, Birthday, Burial, Launch, concerts, Seminars, Training and Conferences, we are always at your services, delivering exceptional services. We create and develop new concepts day in day out to make your event unique. From the most miniature thing to the big things, we are at your door step. We work with your budget and give you good value for every dime spent. Let ease you of the stress.

Outsourcing: When it comes to hiring of staffs that will deliver in no time, experienced and highly skilled labour, then you can talk to us at Labo Entertainment Limited, we outsource young and brilliants professionals to both private and government parastatals. Through this service, we help prospective employers Identify staffs who will best fill their vacant positions. We also make our applicants undergo various trainings from time to time. If that position is target driven then let us help you will it up.


Business Development: Our business development desk is always open to all clients who need solutions to their business anomaly. We provide business development and consultancy services to our numerous clients, when businesses are poorly managed; you simply conclude it is the wrong business. We will help you develop your business and watch it grow in no time. We also offer consultancy services to new idealists and entrepreneur. We help develop business plans and market study and also offer all other services to help you realize your business dream.


Magazine Publication: At Labo Entertainment Limited, we are publishing giants, having published various magazines and newspapers in the past. We presently publish an entertainment/ fashion and style magazine called The Faces Magazine, this magazine is basically focused on the event scene of Nigerians, from culture, personalities, places, and gist. We have recorded a land sliding success in the area of publication through various advert placement and sales. In the nearest future we are rolling out a recognition award for every individual who has made an impact in our society. We tend to celebrate them through The Face Award.


Marketing and Advertisement: everyone in Labo Entertainment Limited is a marketer, we sell brands, products, ideas and lots more, we have handle mega projects in Marketing and advertisement over the year. Our success record is there for your perusal. We are indeed a marketing giant, we help promote new products and sell right into the heart of consumers. Over coverage strength speaks volume for itself.  When next you want the world to see what you are doing lets us show it to them, they sees it easily and clearly if handled by us, Just because we possess the technicality to sell ice to an Eskimo.


Integrating with the entertainment industry, we are active participants and productive entertainers. We have ventured into all spheres of entertainment; from music, movies to those club banging parties we know you love and es we do official occasions too like wedding and other related ceremonies.
Contact us for details on our prices and other consultancy services related to entertainment.

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