Who we are

A leading organization in human and capacity development

Labo Group is an epoch making public relations outfit which is basically designed to help business owners identify their target market and also create an interface between consumers and products manufacturers. We have dynamic approach to business, brilliant organizational ethics and our dedicated staffers are up-to the task to give our numerous clients a good value for their money.

For Over 8 years we have been able to offered adequate services to our clients , as we also offer other services like Logistics , Operations Research and Properties Management, Purchase , Business Consultancy Services , Events Seminars , Conferences , Training and Outsourcing , Renting of conference room.

Brief History

Labo Group started business in Nigeria under the leadership of Olabisi Akanbi and Faith Akanbi as the first two staffs of the organization, the company has achieved various land sliding grounds in events and promotions management. In the year 2008 the organization was formed with the sole aim of promoting young dynamic and talented artists in Nigeria, this was borne out of the need to help develop an emerging industry in the country while also helping to keep the youths out of violence and other social vices by creating a live saving career for them in the music industry. The business started expanding over the years breaking new grounds and eventually becoming a household name in Event, Publishing and Promotion Company not only within Nigeria but also in the United Kingdom and Ghana. Registered


To be a leading organization in human and capacity development through our various events and publications, offering business development services to our numerous clients while adding value to the public and developing the nation, also creating opportunities through our services.


To continually invest more on business and human development in Nigeria through positive information, while encouraging self development among young and talented youths.


When it comes to hiring of staffs that will deliver in no time, experienced and highly skilled labour, then you can talk to us at Labo Entertainment Limited, we outsource young and brilliants professionals to both private and government parastatals.