Labo Autos


Providing clean, fast and adequate autmobile services for Nigeria’s to foster & emable a tech driven mechanised future

Lafaith Properties

Real Estate

We provide safe and affordable homes and offices to enable you carry out you day to day activities live hapily

Labo Entertainment


Creating superior opportunities for both artists and fans to meet up and have a full fun packed experience. extraordinarily.

Qualified Drivers

Operational Research & Management

Labo Entertainment Limited, we carry out operational research for various clients who have the intention of setting up businesses but have little or no knowledge on how to…

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Qualified Drivers

Company Outsourcing and Staff Hiring

When it comes to hiring of staffs that will deliver in no time, experienced and highly skilled labour, then you can talk to us at Labo Entertainment Limited, we outsource young and…

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Qualified Drivers

Magazine & Newspaper Publication

At Labo Entertainment Limited, we are a publishing giant, having published various magazines and newspapers in the past. We presently publish an entertainment/ fashion and …

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Qualified Drivers

Marketing and Advertisement

Everyone in Labo Entertainment Limited is a marketer, we sell brands, products, ideas and lots more, we have handle mega projects in Marketing and advertisement over the year…

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Venturing Into

Redefining Realities

We have the passion to redefine the face of entertainment and business development in Nigeria, redirect and unveil more profitability measures through dedication, integrity and professionalism.

Idea Oriented

Timeless & Innovation

We remold, reinventing old concepts to fit into the current system because we believe in innovation per excellence, intricately, while promoting the socio-cultural heritage of Nigeria.

Infinitely Available


With an appropriate combination of fantasy and reality, we believe everything that can be imagine is possible, this is our watchword, discovering new ideas, expanding our views and thinking outside the box.

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At the Labo Group we are known to deliver

Top Quality and Exceptional Services


Satisfied Customers

Really believe, left with a smile & are recommending Labo Group to others


Nationwide Reach

We would like to thank you for your safe and on time delivery

Timely Achieved


Gotten over years of targeted marketing and positive thinking

Qualified Drivers

Where people come first

We would like to thank you for your safe and on time delivery

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Consistency Gotten over years of targeted marketing and positive thinking

Exceptional Entertainment

The Entertainment Department the Labo Group Nig. Ltd. creates and implements day, evening, sports and music activity programs and shows in the Nigeria and internationally. It offers various live act booking services that cater for one-off events, such as a wedding, a birthday party, a comedy night, or a circus; with the goal to reach a wider audience and expand our narrative.

Success Guaranteed

Our success record is there for your perusal. We help promote new products and sell right into the heart of consumers. Over coverage strength speaks volume for itself. When next you want the world to see what you are doing lets us show it to them, they sees it easily and clearly if handled by us, Just because we possess the technicality to sell ice to an Eskimo.

Customer Satisfaction

We at the Labo Group of Companies are a customer-centered force. We believe that we can only be successful if our customers are, we deliver expertly on all goods, services, and businesses we deliver or convey. Please help us to help all by letting us know of at any point in our business you feel neglected or mistreated, we will be more than willing to hear from you.